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Hawk Roasting
     The proud hawk, so endangered and rare, yet so deliciously taken by it's predator.
     A predator eaten by it's predator, such irony makes mine self brim with joy such as one bring soothed by a swift yet gentle springs breeze.
     Strong and swift it may be, an ever awaken and watchful eye, soaring with it's precise timing, perfect kills and eat.
     Watching, wondering, waiting, and spying...Nothing can escape it's grasp...Nothing!
     At present shows the sweet irony I feel and taste, like a sword glowing and shinning under the shimmering sun's Ray...The Hunter becomes the Hunted!
     Alas, mine brave warrior, fear not cause fear fears you and your enthralling perfection and professional skills of being the allotment of Death.
     Now my dear acc
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 0 7
Grendel from Beowulf
(Laughter in Herot and the Kings halls)
Hrothgar: Haha! So be it! Sound the bells, let the music ring everywhere!
Knight: Sire! (Kneels down)
Hrothgar: Sir Knight! What news do you bring of me?
Knight: Milord King Hrothgar, do I call the men of music and that famous poet?
Hrothgar: Yes indeed! Let everyone in Danes rejoice! May our spirits be lifted!
Knight: As your will. (leaves)
(Hrothgar gets out of his keep)
Crowd: Hail King Hrothgar! Long lives the King!
(Hrothgar waves as he makes his speech)
Hrothgar: My good people! We shall make everyday a happy day, a joyful day; a day where no tear to be shed from sadness!
And by God the Almighty; we shall make the rest of our days memorable with joy and happiness!
(Crowd cheering, some women tearing and smiling)
(Music was played; poets sung clearly, everyone's spirits were lifted)
Hrothgar: The site of the people dancing and singing through the night to dusk is truly a beautiful site....
My good men accompany me to the plains; we shall giv
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 6 8
Dear Deceased Grand Father
          Mine heart was burning... Smoke was emerging out of my nose...It felt like a building on fire, powerless to be extinguished... Tears like a shower of rain, sad rain, endlessly without stop... As I see my beloved buried... Mine heart clutches on my cloth, on my skin, be wanting to scream from the agony...
          My physical self felt like it was going to collapse... Cold water was drunk; alas not cold enough to cool the burning fiery heart of sadness within me...
          Burdened by sorrow, all I could do is put my hands beside one another and pray... Pray to God to have mercy on his soul and make his grave a place of eternal rest and peace...
          Great hurt and pain, this feeling felt like a heavy sand-bag on my heart. The memories of he will be forever remembered and
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 3 17
Your Illuminating Presence
    %t my dear, nights have fallen under the dark moon's brilliance, knights have fallen upon your brilliance...
       I've been enthralled by the beauty of which you have brought me, the beauty of friendship of love which burns brighter than the sun.
         To be able to conquer one's foe, one must conquer one's self...But the thing which I may never be able to conquer, is thine love.
         I ask of thee to remain strong and hold this friendship through, for without it, this warrior of warriors, this writer of writers, and this ascending human will never be the same without...
       I adore, cherish, and love you, %t, and I hope you realize it the same...
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 2 11
Happiness Cause of Thine Sight
     Chaos, corruption, backstabbing destruction...
Such things I see today makes my very eyes engulf in flames.
     Hatred in my heart is like a burning legion, a raging scream in me would be unleashed it it weren't for you, mine friend...
      Many days in my prayers you are in them. I thank God to have met and to have a true friend like thyself...
      People who I thought were "friends" revealed their true form and nature...The flames burn in my eyes once more...
     If most of my "friends" can be called "friends" were as good as you; not only will by efficiency increase...
         ....But also my personality, creativity, and my very own self.
         The tragic sadness in mine heart, and this very world that we're in today will fade....
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 3 7
Forum Story - CH.1
Chapter One
It was a dark day, Samurai was looking around at the inns.
There was one very special inn...It helped the ones who were in need..
Like one big, huge family!
Samurai was surprised by it...
So he went inside it, the owner of the land named Psycho.
Psycho is a landowner, he is a very kind man, always helping people; and a strong man physically and mentally.
He greeted everyone equally, whether be it richer or poorer. If they had no place to go, he helps them and aids them until can get back on their feet.
He has quite some loyal people. One of them which is greatly respected by others; her name is Chipmunchie, everyone calls her Chip for short.
There was a time when she danced so beautifully in front of the town, it rose the spirit of the people greatly.
Samurai was amazed by her dancing, but yet he still remembers "that person" …No one was ever able to beat her style of dancing.
*As Samurai leaves them, he noticed a presence…like someone's watching me.*
Samurai: I do n
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 2 30
Legend of the War King
Legend of the War King
It all started when he was a child, there was bloodshed everywhere, burning houses, fallen villagers, horses, and the sound of swords and screaming everywhere. He has seen his death right before his eyes, he did not fear it though he went towards it and finally, he has escaped from it once again by his mighty tactic; even as a child he still is strong!
As he grew up alone with his rival in combat Greil, he and Greil both grieved over the lost lives, their parents, family, friends, and neighbors. These two always dueled together for a test of strength; at times, it has said that they were enemies and ready to slaughter each other's blood, and other times they cooperate like brother and strike down all who opposed them.
As they grew even older, they grew very weary about each others strength and the decision about who wins (even though the war king used to beat him, but he didn't brag about it), they both faced each other and agreed to split apart to find ne
:iconkingofwarz:KingOfWarz 5 41


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Faisal, alias.
United Arab Emirates
Current Residence: UAE
Operating System: Macintosh
Yo people ;D whats up?!
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  • Watching: Bleach
  • Playing: Phantasy Star Universe....A bit World of Warc
  • Eating: Dates v_v
  • Drinking: Water !O:


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