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May 21, 2008
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(Laughter in Herot and the Kings halls)

Hrothgar: Haha! So be it! Sound the bells, let the music ring everywhere!

Knight: Sire! (Kneels down)

Hrothgar: Sir Knight! What news do you bring of me?

Knight: Milord King Hrothgar, do I call the men of music and that famous poet?

Hrothgar: Yes indeed! Let everyone in Danes rejoice! May our spirits be lifted!

Knight: As your will. (leaves)

(Hrothgar gets out of his keep)

Crowd: Hail King Hrothgar! Long lives the King!

(Hrothgar waves as he makes his speech)

Hrothgar: My good people! We shall make everyday a happy day, a joyful day; a day where no tear to be shed from sadness!

And by God the Almighty; we shall make the rest of our days memorable with joy and happiness!

(Crowd cheering, some women tearing and smiling)

(Music was played; poets sung clearly, everyone's spirits were lifted)

Hrothgar: The site of the people dancing and singing through the night to dusk is truly a beautiful site....
My good men accompany me to the plains; we shall give a prayer to the Almighty.

(The King and his faithful men went to the plains near an old ruins)

(Hrothgar kneels and the men kneel after him)

Hrothgar: Dear God Almighty...The earth you created for us, shaping these beautiful plains marked off by the oceans, then proudly setting the sun and moon to glow across the land and light it.
The corners of the earth were made lovely with trees; leaves made quick with life with each.
Of the nations who now move on its face!

Warriors: Great One! Grant us the strength to vanquish our foes!
May our battles be victorious and the women ever so fair!
A thousand deaths to the opposers of King Hrothgar!

(The King finally returns to his people, the Danes. Music was so great that it reached the underworld!
Hrothgar and his men lived happy in his hall)

(Deep in a valley of the damned, black smoke emerged out of it; the sound of steel, metal, monstrous cries, and the smoke emerged all the way to heaven)

Grendel: Gaaah! (Breaks a glass on the wall) I am Healfdane's son, leader of the Grendel organization! What is that terrible noise!

Warrior: The Danes are celebrating some kind of joyous ceremony, MiLord.

Grendel: Continue the usual, hunt and kill anyone who enters our territory, especially the marshes.
And as for the rest of you twats, keep burning trees! Haste the production. I want to leave no man alive...

Man: They say that the leader's parents are the descendants of Cain; vile and cruel just like himself. He and us are the damned; we feel no pity or remorse. Let us drink blood till Mount Olympus cries!

Man 2: Aye! The seas, marsh and sky shall turn bright red from our hunger. Hail son of Healfdane, leader of the Grendel! Hail!

Grendel: Shadows....

Assassin: You have summoned us?

Grendel: Ahh yes, the damned darkest secret. Deadly and strong - banished from that impudent so-called-God we stand even stronger than anything.

Assassin: Sir Grendel, we have been exiled from men, split into a thousand forms of darkness; we are specters, fiends, goblins, monsters, giants and anything in the deepest pits of the dark abyss. By your command we shall do anything, with pleasure.

Grendel: Indeed, we are forever more opposing the Light's Will; and tearful blood shall shed!
You are my deadly claws, and for that, I have an important task for you: When darkness drops, you who wear the black cloths of death, follow me...

Assassin: As you command...

(Nightfall's time was near, the music, singing, drinking, and the cheerful voices slowly faded away...)

Grendel: Shadow...Go in the halls and report back.

(The assassin spies like the cold breeze, feeling nothing as it blows across you)

Assassin: The warriors are asleep - not only them but the entire Danes.

Grendel: Alright shadows...Listen up: We shall leave their dreams undisturbed. Prove to me that your skill hasn’t gotten ever rusted; a quick blow right to the heart and neck - snatch the bodies and grab the goods.

And one last thing to the fourty of you.... Do NOT harm or EVEN touch Hrothgar - The King of Danes. Capture one human and lock him in our dungeons.

Assassin: Affirmative. By the damned swiftness and greed, we shall.

(The assassins slipped through the door, like soulless ghosts. Eye to eye contact and special signs were used.
They stabbed the bodies of the people sleeping in the hall, through their bodies and throat.
Quickly snatched 30 bodies, drippings of blood behind in a very gruesome way, and got the goods as ordered by the Leader, to his lair, delighted by the night's slaughter)

Grendel: Shadow.... vanish before me.

(The assassins disappeared as if they were an illusion)

Men: Hail Sir Grendel!

Man: You smell of blood, leader.

Grendel: Hahaha! I have gone to the Danes...We won't be hearing their music for a while. Men of the damned, lets grind them to dust from this wretched world!

Men: Hail Sir Grendel! Long lives the leader and forever more he be damned! But what will we do by this human?

Grendel: He shall stay in the dungeon - do not harm him.
Writer! Come with me.

Writer: Yes o great damned one!

(They head to the main commanding room of the leader)

Grendel: I am going to decide to make him a messenger. Let them have fear in their hearts - even more than before!

Grendel: Restless shadow, make sure he goes to the destination, and some of your men to keep lurking on the marsh forever to kill any living lurking there.

Shadow: By your command.

Writer: All done MiLord. Shall I give this to the human and make him go with an undead mount?

Grendel: That shall be perfection. Please do!

(Meanwhile, back in Danes during day break....
Hrothgar gasped as soon as he has seen the spilt blood and human parts all over the place)

Hrothgar: Th-this...h-h-how could a-anyone be so c-c-cruel...
We haven't heard a sound in our sleep yet just by the sight of things we could hear the pain in our hearts and minds....

Knight: MiLord! Look at them marks and footprints; surely no ordinary person could do so...

(The king of Danes, Hrothgar, and his followers had many tears and laments for their great loss)

Man: Please Sire you must rest!

Hrothgar: How can friends, companions be killed while I'm asleep. How can I sleep if that monster strikes again!

(Back into the deep valley)

Man: Sir, let's give names for our ranks, sir.

Grendel: Hmm....I will call the underlings Grendlettes, their superiors Grendamns.
Archers or damned with range including magic should be called Grendos. Beast masters and tamers, and the rest of uniquely different classes are to be called Grenduls.
May the Grendel organization never see the Light!

Grendlette: Leader, night fall is near! Want us to join you on your strike?

Grendel: Thats not a bad idea...assassins and brute strength...I like that!
Very well, we shall strike them after the assassins gather heads, limbs, and scatters them around the warrior's hall.

(The assassins did the same routine but this time grabbed less bodies, sliced up more, and scattered them around the hall)

Assassin: The shadows have succeeded yet again on your task, great damned one.

Grendel: Now Grenlettes! Release the hellhounds and strike with monstrosity!

Gendlettes: For the Damned!

(The released the hounds and attacked with much savagery. The warriors were screaming, especially since they've seen very close friends' heads right beside them
Quite many tried to flee from Danes to avoid more massacres and assaults)

Warrior: Ahh! Run! Demons they are! Flee for your lives!

(As quite some amount of warriors fled from Danes, the assassins hunted each of them down.
Distance was the only safety, these were the only survivors)

Man: Those...fiends! Those demons! Gah...I we are away from our families and friends; never more shall we ever be able to see them again due to them monsters!

(Hate has finally triumphed some of the survivors, they weren't able to control managing without their previous lives. Some committed suicide.)

Knight: MiLord! A messenger comes!

Hrothgar: What's this?

Messenger: "To the righteous king of the Danes:
We, from the Grendel organization, are going to destroy all of your so-called-God-momentums and stones
This is war if you ever try to stop me, next time, I will make you bear witness on the blood by your own two eyes!
-Healfdane's son: Grendel!"

Hrothgar: WHAT!?

Hrothgar: They may be ruthless killers, these of the Grendel organization. But opposing the Lord is...Preposterous!
Fellow knights! Assemble a group of 100 strong men; this is war!

Knight: But Sire, we stand little chance against them - what if they never stroke us by their full force?

Hrothgar: Silence! To oppose the Almighty is something far more tragic than death!

Civilians: But please, my lord!

(The civilians begged the king even thou he refused and had a good cause for doing so)

Knight: MiLord, fine warriors were ripped apart as linen cloths - can we really defeat them?

Hrothgar: ...I'll win this war (boldly)
The Almighty should not be opposed!

Poet: One day, a bright and sunny morn,
A messenger brought news.
From far away, a war would come:
A war the king would lose.

And yet he would not hear of it;
His chest swelled up with righteousness.
“I’ll win this war,” he boldly said,
“The Almighty should not be opposed.”

“But please, my lord,” they begged of him.
He waved their words away.
The fate of all his people
He decided on that day.

So then, despite the warnings,
He called up his mighty force.
They went to war: them on black steeds,
Him on his great white horse.

His confidence and smirk died quick
As soon began the fight.
He knew that he, despite his rank,
Would not go home that night.

His soldiers fought on bravely,
And their loyalty was shown.
But still he felt guilt to take their lives
To save his own.

Hrothgar: Damned demon and your tainted souls...I was a fool to send my troops into battle, I should have heed the warnings...

(A Grendlette put a blade on king Hrothgar's neck
The leader of the Grendel organization quickly jumped into the phase and smashed the Grendlettes head open)

Grendel: Fools! I said do not ever dare touch this imbecile since he is protected by his impudent God!

Poet: And as the blade touched his neck,
He simply gave a prayer.
Not ever had there ever been
A man who was so righteous.

(Herot, the mighty knight's hall has fallen, it was deserted for 12 years. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year the Grendel organization did the same.
King Hrothgar had no sleep - and if he slept, he slept after weeping for his great losses. The king misery was sung in all men's ears even across the seas: How Grendel's hatred began,
how the monstrous organization relished their savage war.)

Poet: His Kingdom fell in weeks to come,
Their cry was heard world ‘round.
But still they were extinguished
‘Til no one uttered a sound.

Knight: MiLord King Hrothgar, the damned Grendel organization keep refusing truces, accsepting no settlement, no price in gold or land. Nothing can satisfy their demonic
lust for blood...

Hrothgar: What are we to do dear knight...I am the only one with the task of protecting this throne, and on this throne the fiends Grendels don't touch.
Our people - old and young - try to escape but its only futile. The shadow of Healfdane's son appear as must and vanish into nothingness.

(Now not only the righteous Danes enemy, but the whole mankind's enemy continued its crime. Killing as often as it could, blood thirsty and horrible.)

Grendel: Buwahaha! Grendlettes, during the night we haunt Herot, but we must return to the pit of the damned at sun.
And remember not to harm the king.

(Meanwhile, in the king's chamber)

Hrothgar: My best and noble council betray the light, to do sacrifices using old stone gods.
Or even betray humanity itself by pledging allegiance to the Devil himself hoping for Hell's support.
I warned them all...Those who betray the Almighty, their fate is much worse than death.

(King Hrothgar's men tried to seek ways to drive off the Grendel organization's evil.
Their efforts were futile, they have been bested by themselves or by extreme agony by their ceremonies)

Hrothgar: Hail to those who are still with me and will rise to God, better be in Father's peace than be his forever damned and an eternal suffering and pain.

Civilians: My king! We can't take this anymore...! All of this agony is like a harsh unending, violent and cruel, and evil! We have to flee!

Hrothgar: And you think I DONT feel the same way?!
If we survive fleeting then where to? And we may just be hunted down like dogs!

Knight: Sire...

(In the land of Geats - Far away from Danes across the sea, Beowulf, Higlac's follower and the strongest of the Geats - and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world -
heard of the Grendel organization and filled the Dane's nights with terrors.)

Beowulf: The Grendel organization you say?

Man: Yes sir Beowulf - he has been terrorizing the Danes for 12 winters, no one could ever defeat such horrors!

Beowulf: Hmm....I think I go to that famous king, Hrothgar, and slay these damned fouls.

Man: But sir Beowulf! The omens are terrible; surely not even you could defeat such vast strength!

Beowulf: Do not worry the omens are good.
Fit out a boat for me, I plan on heading out soon.

Old Wise: You sure of this, mighty Beowulf?

Beowulf: Indeed, what good on this earth if I am to shiver from ghostly tales?

Old Wise: So be it. We, of the wise, won't regret your going.

(Beowulf visited coliseum, armies, strong men of all kinds and took only 14 of the strongest he could find.
And soon set sail from Sweden's seas to the Danish shore)

Warrior: Sir Beowulf, do you know the way to the Danish shore of the Danes?

Beowulf: Fear not brave warrior! The sea will point the prow to the Danish shore.

(And so there were some difficulties by the sea such as serpents, thunders, whirlpools, and heavy rain. But none affected their pace due to Beowulf's might!)

Beowulf: See? As I said: The sea will lead us to the Danish shores.

Warriors: (whispering) He actually was right....Heh, lets put our faiths in Beowulf for defeating the Grendel organization.
Warriors: Aye!

Beowulf: (To himself) Now let me see, this looks like the Danish shores of the Danes - exactly how the great poets and bards used to tell about. Aye, pretty much like it.
All's to do is to go that way and in the matter of 4-6 days for the common public but as for us, we will only need 3 days!

(And so, Beowulf and the 14 galloped on to the Danes; Beowulf's expectations were correct, they arrived roughly 3 days!)

Warrior: The Danes, a place which was once sacred - not being harmed from the grasp of evil - turned into a slaughter house...

Beowulf: Fear not brave warriors! Our might shall be heard to the heavens! No creature or monster shall ever triumph over the righteous.

Warriors: Aye!

(Beowulf and his men marched straight to the knight's hall - Herot - where the king of the Danes - Hrothgar - was waiting for his death, unable to do anything against the viscous Grendel organization)

(Beowulf opens the doors to Hrothgar's throne; the people around Hrothgar shiver from fear)

Hrothgar: ...Have you come here to kill me?

Beowulf: Only the opposite, king of virtue.

Hrothgar: What's this? Who are you? Where did you come from?
You have the aura of a great hero about you

Beowulf: My name is Beowulf; I have come here to end your suffering from the beasts of the Grendel.

Hrothgar: Beowulf...Where did I hear that name before....
Aha! The great mighty hero Beowulf from the Geats!

Beowulf: That's me.

Hrother: To travel from the Swedish lands of the Geats and come all the way here....I am grateful brave warrior.

Beowulf: The pleasure is mine, sorrowful king.
Now, please direct me to the beast’s nest.

Hrothgar: Of course, I shall send with you and escort, he has been in that place himself!

Beowulf: That will be perfection. Please do, grateful king.

Hrothgar: May God Almighty protect thee, Beowulf!

(By Hrothgar's word, Beowulf and his men traveled to the pit of the damned)

Beowulf: Five days did it take us to reach here.... Let us camp for till nightfall.

Man: But Lord Beowulf, its very unorthodox that you attack during the night - the Grendel organization commences its attacks on Herot at nightfall.

Beowulf: Worry not my good man, they will never even dare to attack us; and even if they do, they'll be sorry.
Warriors, my good men, rest easy tonight; I shall keep a watchful eye for enemy invaders, for during sun rise, we shall commence our attack!

(During nightfall - midnight)

Warrior: Sir Beowulf, i sense your plan. I can't shake the feeling that you are planning something very...diligent.

Beowulf: Hmhmhm....Since the Grendel organization attacks Herot at night, there will be less enemy troops at the pit of the damned than the usual.

Warrior: Cheers, wise hero.

(Undead mounts, hellhounds, and all sorts of monstrous fiends along with the leader and his assassins leave from the pit of the damned to commence their usual attacks on Herot)

Beowulf: (whispering to his men) Rise my fellow warriors! The time is now, we strike!

Warriors: To arms!

(The warriors prepare their battle equipment and mount on their horses on their way to the damned pit)

Warrior: (yells a war cry) Chaaarge!
Leave none standing!

(The riders and the berserks make their way to the enemy ranks)

Grendlette: The Light has forsaken us! We cannot lose to they who know not comba--

(The Grendlettes were sliced and overthrown by Beowulf's power)

Beowulf: The greatly feared Grendel organization is nothing!!!

Grendamn: Impudent fools! They dare to strike us! Hah!
Damned tainted hearts, to arms.... To arms!

Beowulf: We stirred up the enemy generals. Now, the serious battles will begin; take caution, men!

Berserker: Sir Beowulf, your orders.

Beowulf: Unleash your strength to penetrate the high wall's doors.

(The berserker nods and charges to the door - smacking all the Grendlettes that stand in his way; and made an opening in the huge door - leading arrows penetrating his body leaving him badly wounded, he retreated)

Berserker: Sir Beowulf...This is all I could do. (collapses)

Beowulf: Rest easy brave warrior, you have done what thousands couldn't have. (Some warriors took the berserker away to safety)

(Nearby the Grendel organizations' leaders tower)

Grendamn: They have broken through! Tighten the defenses. And unleash the hounds!

(The Grendel organization's men assemble from all kind of ranks. Grendlettes, Grendos, and Grenduls of many types to make an effective defense formation)

Beowulf: They have archers, magicians, many monstrous creatures, and a lot of others that we don't know about.

Warrior: So what would you have us do, great, mighty Beowulf?

Beowulf: Me and four of you warriors come and distract them, while the rest of you who can range give them a taste of what's true darkness and blackened arrows.

Archers: Yes, great hero!

(The defense of the Grendel organization is well, so is the plan of Beowulf has in motion)

(The warriors and Beowulf charge in the doors. Archers and magicians of the Grendel organization ready up their aims at the righteous fighters.
Grendlettes and some Grenduls with hellish hounds and screeching ravens attack the warriors)

Beowulf: Defense by shield, now! Parry their attacks and crush their tainted skulls. And be ready to dodge the magic and arrows.

(The warriors did as they were told; the fighters of the damned fought with much ferociousness, some of Beowulf's men actually enjoyed having tough opponents since the ones they usually fight or spar with are weaker than them or not as highly skilled)

Berserker: Haha...! This is the valor and tension I have been looking for! Dear Lord Almighty, I beseech you to make my death ever so glorious in thine's name!

Beowulf: Berserk, don't!

(And so this brave fighter separated from Beowulf's ranks, broke the enemy's line of formation, was struck by many arrows and mind-numbing spells)

Berserker: (yelling) Yaaah! Dear God! My liege Sir Beowulf! I thank you both for this ever-glorious death! All my life I had nothing...Nothing! But now.... I do well for the people and get the thing, which I crave for!

(The Berserk fought on while Beowulf and his three men kept fighting and defending themselves)

Grendlette: This is no ordinary group of people...To be able to attack while he is alone...

Grendamn: You impudent fool! Falling into the Light's hand so easily! (Slices off the Grendlette's head)
And that goes for anyone who thinks of such folly ever again!

Grendlettes: (gulp) Yes sir,

(The warrior continues his attack; some archers in the back are supporting him, while others are fending off attacks towards Beowulf and his men)

Ogre: You take no tower! Me smash, you die!

(The ogre attacks in an unbelievably strong way, which made many Grendlettes fly and hurting the warrior badly)

(The warrior jumps on the ogre's head and stabs its head and neck all over. The ogre collapsed)
(After showing his courage and strength, the Grendamns actually shivered for a moment due to seeing the power of one man's strength alone)

Grendamn: Gaaah! No matter, Genduls, unleash the hellhounds! Rip him and them to shreds.

Grendul: Ku ku ku…! Come my pets! Sink your teeth in their flesh like plucking a hoping rabbit in the darkest of nights!

(The hellhounds were unleashed, Beowulf’s archers tried to defend the warrior from the hellhounds, but it was too late, the sacrifice has already been made)

(The Berserk killed quite some many of the hounds and warded off the Grendlettes and the Grendos for a while)

(The Grendul in an accent which sounds like a traitorous crow speaking by his voice)

Grendul: I have many ah’der pets waaa—to show yo-ouh!

(Ravens, crows, and many other types of cursed birds of Death appear)

(The birds pluck off one of his eyes and sink their teeth into his neck and body)

Berserker: (coughs) Yaaa!
Cursed damned….Twas’ a glorious fight for the righteous…
This is the end of my tunnel... farewell... Lord Beowulf (collapses)

(After showing his courage and strength, the Grendamns actually shivered for a moment due to seeing the power of one man's strength alone)

Beowulf: Let's not let this opportunity go to waste – Warrior go, prepare your strength for the moment I signal you.

Warrior: For the Light and the never-ending divine glory!

(The warrior armors himself heavily and takes a huge shield made out of mythrill (A very strong and rare hard yet light material) and slowly blocks all of the enemies attacks)

Beowulf: Archers! Fire at will! Give them no quarter!

(The warriors with boys aimed high into the sky which as you can say “Two birds with one stone” by shooting down the treacherous birds and by killing some of the enemy troopers)

Grendul: Naaaw!! Ma-aaah pets..!
Biiig mista-aaake you doing-ed.

Beowulf: Brave warrior! Cover yourself! That huge cage will be opened and such a hideous creature lies In store!

Warrior: Aye Milord Beowulf!

(The warrior stood his ground – being in a very defensive position)

(Something crept out from the dampened, darkened cage)
(A huge roaring sound)

Beowulf: By the blessings of the Light…It’s creature from ancient times…A troll!
Warriors! Ward off the enemies and give an opening for me to strike!

(The warriors – some by bows some by melee weapons - attack enemies besides the troll)

Grendamn: Impossbile! They care not for a troll! Being pushed back we are!

Beowulf (to himself): There! A grand opening to the troll, witness my prowess men and learn from it.

(With great speed, Beowulf charges to the troll, climbs up controllably even as the troll tries to squish him to the wall and shake him off)

Troll (In an unknown language): Maka! Golar kek grom.

(Beowulf pays no heed to his words and with great might slicer off the trolls hard, thick head) (The troll falls down and Beowulf is injured from being squeezed from that huge monster)

Warriors: Assist Lord Beowulf!

Beowulf (coughing): I…’m fine. Leave me be! They are almost vanquished! Do not falter but be encouraged and strengthened!

Warrior: He is right, men! The humongous creature has been defeated!
(The spirits of the warriors are raised)

Beowulf: For the last remaining few, I can tell they aren’t like what they faced due to their size, shape, and very darkened armor with spikes.
Grendams: No matter, if you want a work to be done. Do it yourself!

(Even thou the Grendamns are indeed much stronger than any Grendlette, nevertheless the pack a punch but still lost to Beowulf and his brave men)

Grendamn: Nngh… (collapses)

Beowulf: So much talk…And that takes care of them.

(Up from above – A voice from the tower)

?: Beowulf! I must commend you for defeating this – whole bunch of poppets!

Beowulf: Who or what was that?

?: It is I Beowulf! I am the son of Healfdane, leader of the Grendel organization. The source of all destruction upon the Danes and soon many others!

Beowulf: So finally the big blob showed up after having his “fun”.

Grendel: Hah! So even mighty warrior’s use their pathetic tongue for mockery?!

Beowulf: You can never polish a turd. Especially one who is already darkened so much.

Grendel: Such insolence!

(Whispering of warriors): It’s working! Who knew their leader is such a stubborn fool! (Laughter of warriors)

Grendel: The foolishness of a leader reflects unto his subordinates.

Beowulf: Oh? Does that mean you’re as weak and cowardly as your men? (The warriors laugh again)

Grendel (enraged): ENOUGH! I will stand NO more of this!!
Shadows, steal their souls!

Beowulf (to himself): What’s that?

Assassin: Thy bidding, master.

Beowulf: Watch out men!!

(The assassins of the damned killed the two injured berserks and three of the warrior)

Assassin: …

Grendel: Not so funny after all, now are you, Beowulf?

(Beowulf smiles and snaps his fingers)
(The warriors enter the stage of raging berserk)

Warriors (Roar): For righteousness! (Five of the assassins were killed as the assassins tried to kill more warriors)

Warriors (Roar): For lord Beowulf! (Another five were killed)

Grendel: What in Cain’s name is going on!!

Warriors (Roar): For glory and honor! (Five more were killed)

Warriors (With terrifying loud voices): For the Almighty! (Ten more of the assassins were killed)

Grendel: Pathetic mortals, them and their bootless efforts.

(Thirty assassins they were, twenty-five of them killed, and the five rests fled)

Beowulf: Leave now, men! Ride to king Hrothgar and bring him news. I’ll ride back as soon as I have finished dealing with this harkened cur!

(The warriors obediently listen to Beowulf and ride to the Danes)

Warrior: Mi’Lord, please be safe.

Beowulf: Come down and fight me, damned blighter.

Grendel: Shall it be so.

(Known as “Grendel”, Healfdane’s son, Leader of the Grendel organization fought against Beowulf. It was a fierce and gruesome battle.
Skeletons were summoned; dark bots were cast at Beowulf. And yet Beowulf survived)

Beowulf: He who has emerged from Hell’s deep into this damned valley that thine has created buy his own darkened heart; I shall pierce thine heart as easily as I pierce thy armor, demon!

Grendel: Mortals, so full of hope and misguided ignorance. I shall guide you back to your mother’s born!

Beowulf: Back to the cold dark with you!

Grendel (to himself): Now the mortal is filled with anger, he shall be an easy one to deal with…(smiles with his crooked teeth)

(Beowulf was enraged by Grendel’s taunts, he attacked vigorously but wasn’t able to keep a clear mind. Remembering the words of King Hrothgar, Beowulf quickly calmed his mind and focused)

Grendel: What’s wrong, he who claims to be my death?

(Beowulf mustered his energy to deliver his final blow, as the creature, demon, and damned monster – Grendel – was smiling and laughing, Beowulf took this opportunity to strike him down)

Grendel: Your life is coming to an end, mortal!

Beowulf: The people’s suffering ends now, never more shall you cause the people the Danes any harm and suffering!

Grendel: What’s this?!

(Beowulf hit a fast strike to Grendel’s sword making the demon off-guard. Beowulf used up all of his heart, strength, and might to pierce Grendel’s dark armor to his blackened heart and succeeded.)

Grendel (coughs): N..Noo…! Beaten by an inferior being…May my rain of terror still go on in the hearts of men! Beowulf! mankind's days won’t last forever… (Beowulf slays Grendel)

Beowulf: It is over…The deed is done. The demon Grendel has been slain, rest soundly today, King Hrothgar and Danes… (Beowulf falls down from exhaustion.)

(And so, from that day the Danes lived ever happily and Beowulf has been showered with fame and righteousness. May Beowulf’s might and his brave men ever be remembered throughout history…)
I have taken THIS whole story from the literature epic poem PART of Beowulf [link]

Line 1 ---> Line 124

A powerful monster, living down (until) Straight to that distant Danish shore.

And THATS my remake of this part epic ;D!

Well, I describe the creature "Grendel" as an organization who hates justice and righteousness.
The leader of the Grendel organization decides on be ridding himself from the joy of the Danes...So! Read and enjoy fellow deviants!

Drawing by: :icongenzoman:
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whoa haha we took beowulf at school
Yeah, I know.

I hope that you read this =/
it's not very different than the ballad
Yeah i know it isnt ^^ i liked the ballad so much, made me imagining a lot xD ah well, eyaaaaam youm knt atkb hal swalif ow chi...

a7een kllh shi'3l ow jam3a... ma shey wegt T.T
I want to read this but I don't want to spoil the story.. I'm still planing on watching it*blows the dust off her beowulf dvd* =3

and I know what you're gonna say: but the story is better than the mooveh~
I'll read it someday so don't worry ^_^
Erm....This isn't very like the movie

or the new beowulf movie

this is more like....

i read the original epic

and "create" a story out of it

and i symbolized "grendel" as an organization

Well then goodluck

i hope that u notice that my style is partially unique.
Spawnminion May 22, 2008
very good stuff
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